Inconclusive Drug Tests Greatly Affect 2017 Draft Stock

Wild Card Playoffs - Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants

One of the biggest issues that will inevitably affect the 2017 NFL draft is whether or not inconclusive drug tests should affect owners’ decisions when drafting future players.  This year two players, Jabrill Peppers (CB – Michigan) and Reuben Foster (LB – Alabama) were both projected by CBS Sports among others, to be in the top 20 players picked in the 2017.

As of the 25th pick neither have been chosen and it seems that neither will be chosen in the first round due to character doubt surrounding their inconclusive drug tests taken at the 2017 NFL.

A diluted drug test does not necessarily mean that a player has failed the test or positively tested for illegal substances banned by the NFL, it simply states that the test is inconclusive due to over-hydration. Due to the plethora of reasons that a player may come up inconclusive, current top players in the NFL have spoken out about the shroud around the two players in the draft.

Many such players have said that the testing procedures should be changed to allow for players to definitively pass or fail a drug test before the results can be used against them.  In both of cases the players have millions of dollars worth of contract money at stake.

According to a leading drug test screening company, X-celerated screening, there are a multitude of reasons as to why an employee could fail a test ranging from a simple lab reject to a change in temperature in the sample.

Additionally, according to X-celerated in most other professions employers allow for additional testing until employees either pass or fail conclusively.

The fact that the NFL does not allow for additional tests to prove conclusively whether a player passed or failed a drug test with millions of dollars on the line is absurd.


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